Oasis Wellness Sdn Bhd was established in 2003 to sell quality Chinese herbs without common preservatives. We diversify into health supplement and healthier choice food products (Juice, Honey, Alternative sweeteners) in 2005. We renamed to the better represent the focus on healthier choice products on 2012. As the market is changes and growth, we brought in Shabondama Soap for sensitive skin customers, brought in Chamdahan Red Ginseng for customers who seek a premium healthier food and also brought in an innovative and award-winning cooking oil brand BIO PLANETE in 2016.


Deliver a great quality and healthier products to enhance Malaysian lifestyle and health.


Our selections and effort brings long-term positive impact to the users and our partners


Be truthful to our employee, the users, and partners.

Do not overpromise the benefit.

Deliver positive value to the users and partners.

Our Company Unique is

Carefully select the products we brought in.

Why Should Choose Us

  • For users: A trusted source for quality products
  • For partners: Provide an unique offers and products for business.