BIO PLANETE Extra Virgin Olive oil, Medium Fruity 500ml


BIO PLANÈTE olive oil medium fruity extra virgin – balanced taste. Cold-pressed organic olive oil for everyday cooking.
Aroma: Typical fruity-aromatic taste

From December until early March, the sun-ripened olives are harvested and cold-pressed. For BIO PLANÈTE Olive Oil Medium Fruity Extra Virgin, we select from a pool of farmers the batches which best meet our strict requirements in respect to quality and taste. On occasion, we carefully blend several charges, to achieve an even better and more balanced taste experience with the resulting »cuvée«.

We recommend this medium fruity Olive Oil to consumers who prefer the typically fruity and aromatic qualities of an olive oil instead of spicy and bitter characteristics. The tasty and especially balanced olive oil improves typical Mediterranean dishes, such as Caprese salad, ratatouille, or moussaka.

Olive oil is regarded as a central component of the so-called Mediterranean diet, in which butter is replaced by olive oil. The consumption of unsaturated instead of saturated fatty acids provably lowers the blood cholesterol level. A high blood cholesterol level is one of the risk factors for coronary heart disease.


Well heatable.
Suitable for roasting, but also for steaming, cooking and baking.

Classic oil for everyday cooking.
First cold-pressed, native and raw vegan. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Best quality olive oil.
Carefully selected, extra virgin olive oils are blended into a balanced cuvée to guarantee a consistent taste experience.

Ingredients: Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Origin: Spain

Notes: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Allergy Advice: Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, sesame, and tree nuts

Storage: Store away from light and heat

Heatability: Suitable for roasting.

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