Competence in Oil

Expertise that we share with you.

We are Europe’s first organic oil mill. Since 1984, we have been turning seeds, fruits, and nuts into healthy oils of pure taste and premium organic quality. Our oil is the result of our experience and expertise.  In this “partner” area we share some background information, knowledge and download material.

Bonjour! We are BIO PLANÈTE.

»We make organic from the start. For over 35 years. To 100 %.«

Our History

The Moog Oil Mill has been producing organic oils from seeds, fruits and nuts for more than 35 years. Franz J. Moog laid the foundation for this when he founded the organic farm “Domaine de la Planète” in southwest France in 1984.
At only 21 years of age, Judith Moog took over her father’s organic company, strategically realigned it and developed it into Europe’s first organic oil mill – driven by the vision of making a positive contribution to the world as a producer of premium oils and with ethical principles, and establishing organic agriculture as the only sustainable form of agriculture. With a nutritionist’s degree, she specialised in the natural production of organic oils, and founded the BIO PLANÈTE brand.

“The 1980s was not about following fads. We needed a lot of perseverance and persuasion to assert our values and to be recognised”, says Judith Moog. “Back then, I developed my own idea of a pioneering company in which ecological business plays a key role. And I am still convinced that it is important to grow in line with your own values.”

Years later, because of love, Judith Moog moved back to Germany, where she set up a second business location at the organic farm Faller in Lommatzscher Pflege. Currently, the company employs around 160 employees in France and Germany.

They accompany the entire manufacturing process from the idea through to the field and bottle and work with great passion on product innovations and the development of modern processes.

As the market leader, BIO PLANÈTE is firmly established in the German and French specialist shops.

What motivates us?

As a pioneer in the field of organic products, BIO PLANÈTE produces tasty, innovative and high-quality oils. In this way we help oil afficionados to lead a healthy and joyful life.

We rely on organic agriculture, social interactions, fair partnerships with producers and use of sustainable packaging.
BIO PLANÈTE enables responsible shopping and enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Quality and Innovation

All seeds and kernels are gently cold-pressed once – purely mechanically, of course. The oils are then filtered through cellulose and stored in stainless steel tanks until they are bottled. Thus, the individual taste and healthy ingredients are preserved.

In order to deliver high-quality products, every bottle of oil that reaches the hands of our customers has passed up to 18 analyses. Even the raw material is checked and tasted both at the producer in the country of origin and upon delivery to the oil mill. During the production additional tests are performed including after pressing and filtering. At the end of the process, our quality professionals taste the products again. Only once we are 100% satisfied with the taste, the oil is delivered to our customers.

Traditional craftsmanship and experiences gained through 30 years of oil milling are still the most important basis of our work. One of our first screw presses is still in use. At the same time, it is our aim to always set new standards for quality and taste.

That is why we have developed a 3D-filtration process to filter Flaxseed Oil and eliminate precisely the protein building block that is responsible for its bitter taste. Bottles with UV filters protect our particularly sensitive oils against premature oxidation. Our product development team with its expertise and technical know-how in the field of nutrition is constantly seeking new recipes and processes.

Without compromises.

We and our products are certified for this.

Fair Partnerships all over the world

We produce high-quality natural organic oils. In order to succeed, we choose our partners carefully. Sometimes it takes years to find the right one. Because the quality of the raw materials is the alpha and omega of a good oil. Should this not be the case, it can no longer be corrected in the subsequent processing procedures. Once we have found the right partner, we remain loyal to them – and cooperate with them on a continuous basis.

All over the world we maintain wonderful, trusting partnerships at eye level with cooperatives that do good. We buy raw materials at a fair price and support projects that permanently improve the working and living conditions of the local people.