SHABONDAMA Plant Bar Soap (100g) Additive-free For Hand, Body, and Dishwashing - 日本泡泡玉シャボン玉 纯植物性亲肤肥皂 100克 x

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☘️ 100% Pure Additive-free Natural Body and Handwash Soap ☘️

Shabondama does not use ingredient derived from plant oil but the natural oil itself.

It retains the natural moisturizing ingredient while being excellently kind to skin.

The week-long and carefully monitored production produce a solid, stable, and long-lasting soap,

which can easily dry back to solid bar soap, and do not become soft

✅ 100% made from natural palm oil

✅ Naturally Moisturizing

✅ Additive-free, It has no SLS, no added colourants, no preservatives, no EDTA-4Na, and no synthetic fragrance.

✅ Tested safe for Sensitive Skin, Allergy, and dermatitis skin.

✅ For All ages

✅ For Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin, Acne-prone, Allergic to common additives, 

      Allergic to fragrance, Dermatitis patients

Ingredients: Soap (Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide)


The Story:


Shabon-chan, the Shabondama Sekken Company's Logo, is drafted by the ex-president, Morita Mitsunori, based on his new-born daughter to represent his dedication producing only the safest, purest, and eco-friendly hygiene products.

2019 marks the 45th years producing the simple soap that helped Mitsunori to get rid off his long suffered eczema causes by conventional detergent he was producing then.

The soap is carefully produced by soap masters. It takes all five senses to monitor and adjust the soap, just like any hand-made soap. It is touch, smell, and taste to make sure it is safe to use

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