Oasis Wellness Pure Poly Floral Honey 1kg

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Oasis Wellness
☘️ Natural Polyfloral Honey from High mountains flowers across Taiwan ☘️

The high mountains in Taiwan are home to a wide variety of wildflowers far reached by cities pollution. This honey is harvested from farms set up along with these mountains range. The honey may include a mixture of various nectar sources from Shephard's Needles, Longan, Lychee, Peddy Rice, Corn, Rapeseed, Chinese Milk Vetch, and Melaleuca, etc.

✅ Nutrient from various nectars
✅ Harvested all year long, fresh and versatile.
✅ Pleasant Floral Aroma and smooth sweetness 
✅ Low heat Homogenize process - maintaining nutrients, aroma, and the quality of the honey.
✅ Moisture: 18.5%~19%, the ideal range for high quality, dense honey for long term storage.

Benefits of Honey:
Honey is well known for its health benefit aside from being a good sugar alternative.
• Antibacterial properties 
• Rich in bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants
• Good source of energy
• Easily digestible.

Weight : 1 kg

OASIS Pure Poly Floral Honey (1KG) - Natural, Non-Preservative Polyfloral Raw Honey, Natural Honey - 纯白花蜜 天然无防腐剂蜜糖 养生精品 (1公斤)

OASIS Madu Poli Tulen (1KG) - 100% Madu Mentah Asli Semulajadi, Tanpa Bahan Pengawet, Madu Semulajadi - Pure Poly Floral Honey
What's in the box 1 x Pure Poly Floral Honey 1kg
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